Finally, an expo that’s not all about sales, formula and diaper cakes! 

As many of you know I’m a pretty crunchy mom, this doesn’t mean I have a google medical degree (JK)  or that I think my natural ways are better… It’s just the way I choose to raise my son and it ends up being that most of my mama friends are moms that share similar if not the same values as myself. 

So the fact that I’m not the only crunchy mom out in the world today, I would say the biggest challenge most natural moms & moms who want to give the natural approach a chance deal with is trying to find products, people and companies with the same values and standards as our own.

I am not saying that other companies and products don’t hold high standards,  I’m just saying that I don’t feel like dabbing baby powder on my newborn and 10 years later find out that baby powder causes breathing problems, asthma and can even lead to lung cancer, and now the industry & hospitals are telling parents that they should avoid it. 

What I think the biggest challenge for parents who want to try out a natural approach is: Baby expos. Yes expos, I bring up expos because that’s where most moms, parents and soon to be mothers get their first glimpse at many products and resources out in the “never ending” baby product world. 

 My biggest challenge with all of these expos is when I go check them out and end up leaving with 100’s of samples of products I would never use for my little one or myself. This is also where most moms get stuck in the middle because, “hey the samples are free and the products are cute” and most likely the mommy to be is tired and doesn’t have the time or energy to research what better non toxic options are available. So the cycle begins. 

You may be thinking what’s the big deal? But the big deal is that most if not all products displayed at mainstream baby expos are made of either of low quality ingredients, outsourced and made in China or are filled with toxic chemicals,  that any mama who if given the right tools to look a little deeper into the labels and ingredients would never put them on herself or on her precious baby.

Problem is most products are manipulative and use marketing tactics such as “all natural” and moms who are busy or just don’t know any better fall for this, and this is what makes me upset because all of us should have a chance to give our babies the best products at the best prices without sacrificing their health… And it just so happens that I wasn’t the only one tired of this a few months ago two of my friends decided that enough was enough and they wanted to show parents and moms to be that their voices are heard, joining together they launched Eco Baby Expo. 

“Our mission is to bring families and expectant parents together with the latest natural, organic and Eco-friendly products and services from birth to adolescence in a non-judgement, fun and relaxed environment. We have something for the whole family from empowering pregnant moms about their birth options to teaching your littles about sustainability and all the stages in between!”

Eco Baby Expo was created by two amazing moms who tried endlessly to navigate the natural parenting methods on their own and decided to take it into their own hands. Thanks Eco Baby, from one crunchy mama to another we appreciate you! 

Save the date Eco Baby Expo will take place Febraury 11, 2017 at the Browar Convention Center. 

To check out Eco Baby click the link below:

Prettt Organic Mommy 

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